Bering Sea Portraits // Milton

Milton - Seabrooke

Bering Sea Portraits // Jake

Jake Anderson

Bering Sea Portraits // Zack Larson

Zack Larson

Behind The Lens

This is my buddy Matt Fahey. Most people know him as just Fahey.
I call him Fa-hizzle.

Tonight on DEADLIEST CATCH: BEHIND THE LENS you can watch him face some pretty scary life and death sh!t. The kind of sh!t I hope I never have too face (and I’m dancing very carefully around multiple puns here).

I’d bet everyone that works with or knows Matt is left with an opinion of him. He’s not one of those guys in the room you don’t notice or don’t remember. Say what you want about Matt, he’s got a big ole huge heart.

After my brother Davids accident last summer Matt would call me or reach out weekly, just to see how I was doing. To ask if I needed help. Or if my family needed help.

And he did this for weeks on end and all while still dealing with his own.. well, sh!t. When you end up in these dark places you learn who your friends are.

I’m glad he survived and he’s my friend and I look forward to him and my brother meeting. Somehow I think they’ll get along pretty great.

Tune in folks. It’s gonna be a good one.

Matt Fahey

Bering Sea Portraits // Mikey

Mikey Mitchell

Bering Sea Portraits // Rachael

Rachael Reed

Bering Sea Birds

Casey Mcmanus & Rachael Reed

Bering Sea Portraits // Nick McGlashan

Nick McGlashan

Bering Sea Portraits // Captain Wild Bill

Captain Wild Bill

Bering Sea Portraits // Zack Larson

Zack Larson

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