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Season 10 starts tonight. I gave my all here as many others did. I think the best thing about this show is that the people who make it really care, from bottom to top. And from my experience this is the exception, not the rule. I may have moved to California to make Movies but I’m not ashamed to be going back to Alaska to make this kind of television. If you tell me its not the top of the food chain I’ll happily explain how your wrong.

Please watch and relish from your safe couch. I wrote the following over three years ago after my first season…

Memoirs of an Alaskan Chapter Five – Bering Dreams

The sodium vapor lights only reach into the night, 20 or 30 yards beyond the stern and your not sure if that’s a good thing or not. On one hand you can’t really see what’s out there, and on the other, your imagination fills in the blanks. Not that your imagination has to work very hard. You thought about this for a long time and you figured it would be hard but in the end your imagination pales before the reality. You imagine it may feel like this if you were swallowed by a dragon. Or a whale. Is this how Jonah felt? But whales are graceful, floating weightless under the surface. Up here there is no grace to be found and gravity has gone insane. All of your senses scream at you, telling you, you should not be here. You don’t belong. Your a trespasser. But there is no place else to go.

And the sea stretches out beyond the Stern until it vanishes into darkness. Smoking and boiling as if alive like some obsidian lava or inky bile. It rises up, up and up and you arch your neck but still can’t see the top beyond the sodium’s and then it’s falling and falling and now there is nothing past the stern for a few moments except emptiness that hangs like an eternity until it all comes crashing back up and up and up again.

The men around you are hunched, faces buried under layers and hoods, each living separate bad dreams within a collective nightmare. Eyes squinting inside pale cracked skin rimmed with dried salt spray. Beards growing whiter and whiter as ice builds, sprouting from chin and nostril as if each minute they are growing older and older, growing impossibly old, the sea stealing more years of their lives than ever they will live until they become some strange waddling creatures that defy age altogether. As if time has no meaning here, each moment an eternity and it’s all some strange foggy dream that may have never happened or never ceases happening. You fear this will not end and you have been banished to some remote corner of hell where the fires have all burned out. And carrying all your sins and failures and mistakes on your back for all these years you still can’t understand how you deserved this fate. How did things go so wrong that you ended up here. The only blessing being that amidst all this water there are no reflections and no mirrors because if there were, then the man staring back would be a stranger to you. Would be someone you never want to see, eyes burning into you, accusing, angry. Asking why did you bring me here?

And a wave crashes down from over the shelter deck but seeming to come from everyplace at once. For a moment you are inside it and then it’s gone, leaving you on your hands and knees like a three legged dog, gasping for air and dripping and then the ship rolls and your sliding, sliding on your back and the sea is reaching for you, into your pant-legs and sleeves and your tightly buttoned collar and pulling you towards the rail and someplace far away there are men yelling and reaching for you and you slip by them all and slam into the rail wall and then one of them is there to pull you to your feet and you stagger away as the ice water runs like fire down your spine and your eyes burn from salt. You stagger away for something, anything to hold onto for a few seconds. To catch your breath.

- Staley Out


ben staley

Bering Sea Portraits // Whipper

Seabrooke Whipper

Bering Sea Portraits // Milton

Milton - Seabrooke

Bering Sea Portraits // Jake

Jake Anderson

Bering Sea Portraits // Zack Larson

Zack Larson

Behind The Lens

This is my buddy Matt Fahey. Most people know him as just Fahey.
I call him Fa-hizzle.

Tonight on DEADLIEST CATCH: BEHIND THE LENS you can watch him face some pretty scary life and death sh!t. The kind of sh!t I hope I never have too face (and I’m dancing very carefully around multiple puns here).

I’d bet everyone that works with or knows Matt is left with an opinion of him. He’s not one of those guys in the room you don’t notice or don’t remember. Say what you want about Matt, he’s got a big ole huge heart.

After my brother Davids accident last summer Matt would call me or reach out weekly, just to see how I was doing. To ask if I needed help. Or if my family needed help.

And he did this for weeks on end and all while still dealing with his own.. well, sh!t. When you end up in these dark places you learn who your friends are.

I’m glad he survived and he’s my friend and I look forward to him and my brother meeting. Somehow I think they’ll get along pretty great.

Tune in folks. It’s gonna be a good one.

Matt Fahey

Bering Sea Portraits // Mikey

Mikey Mitchell

Bering Sea Portraits // Rachael

Rachael Reed

Bering Sea Birds

Casey Mcmanus & Rachael Reed

Bering Sea Portraits // Nick McGlashan

Nick McGlashan

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