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In It

It’s been a minute. Let’s go over this again. I’m in it for the art. I’m in it for the uncertainty and the doubt and the discovery and the whole fucking mystery of it all. I’m in it for the camaraderie and the collaboration and the fellowship. I’m in it for 5am mornings and 4am […]

So I’ll take you with me

I miss our phone conversations. I miss hearing your enthusiasm for whatever your currently working on, or learning, or about to do or have just done. I miss sharing this creative journey with you. And yes, we talked often of getting together, of spending more time. And its ironic that in the last couple months […]


The sun rises and sets. Perhaps a hundred times a day. Perhaps not once in a month. Always a new day. Always a new night. Maybe stars. Maybe not. Maybe a new moon. Always coming and going and offering a new moment or stealing the one your in but always turning over and reforming and […]

Memoirs of an Alaskan VIII

Chapter Eight – Bering Dreams II The first rock of the plane silences the high spirited spanish language chatter of the cannery workers all around me. Laughing and joking and excited to finally be flying but I could only make out the occasional cussword. They pipe back up but lower tones now and sounding much […]

The Next Thing

Thailand is over. We have been home 2 hours and in 2 more I leave for more of THIS. Not the best idea with this short a turn around but that’s life I suppose. That’s my life. And I asked for it. Dailystaley will be dark for some time, there’s no internet where I’m going. […]

Last Day of 2012

The last day of 2012 was a good one. I took over a thousand photos and videos but here are a few. This is Dani at the top of the steps looking down and snapping a photo of our door. I turned to my right and then snapped this. We set out on a 9km […]

Today’s Lesson (and challenge)


13 Years

I’ve lived in the greater Los Angeles area for 13 years today. I still remember driving south on the 101 as the sun was rising and pulling off onto Sunset Blvd… Time is such a slippery substance. I could not have conceived then, the shape of my life today… – Staley Out Tweet

On Pressure and Lessons

Three weeks of preparation followed by two intense days of shooting last week. A crew I had never worked with before. Well thats not entirely true, Aaron the sound guy is a buddy and I hired him specifically but he doesn’t really count because he’s such a pro and does his job so well he’s […]

A brief meditation on rage

I don’t understand any of this. There is no reason here. Time provides no perspective and no answers. And my anger only grows deeper. If your reading this then I apologize for the confusion. Maybe you should stop here because it won’t get clearer. Or easier. Or nicer. Big forks and small forks in the […]

If You Do This Kind of Work

I posted a video a few weeks ago about this incident. I was also asked to write about it and now the story has appeared online. There have been slight editorial changes to the story, mostly the addition of two sentences at the end and a random title I dont understand. Maybe an intern read the first […]

In Keeping You

You’ve passed a thousand miles of fenceposts. Ten thousand. Maybe a hundred. One after another, strung together by rusting wire or wood. Some a century old. Some older than you will live. Millions of fenceposts. And the blood on your shirt sleeves has long since turned dark enough to perfectly match the old dirt and mud on the cuffs […]

Capitol M

Tiny black birds everywhere. Flitting here and there, each on separate sorties but all of a collective mind. Always perched overhead. Watching. And dark clouds above them. Rolling and morphing, occasional sunlight breaching through to paint the dirty concrete or maybe an empty and boarded up store or restaurant. There are always strange figures in […]

The Things We’ve seen

Funny how you can spend so long feeling like your standing still. Progress is nill. Like life is passing you by. Then all of a sudden one day you wake up and feel like you cant catch up. Everything has changed quite dramatically. You know you should have expected this but somehow never saw it […]

In The Dark

Hotel rooms all look the same and I could never see another and be fine with it. Lots of crawling around in places you don’t want to be crawling around in. Sweat and blisters and infection. Mostly mediocre food in mediocre restaurants. I don’t know what day it is. Most days. Mostly sleeping enough but always feel […]