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Memoirs of an Alaskan – XII

Chapter 12 – Yeller Butt I was cooking dinner tonight and maybe it was the home cut french fries I was making that dragged out this memory. The smell. The taste. Something pulled this night out of the back of my mind and slammed it on the table in front of me. These times I […]

The Boot and the Bone

I cut some teeth here. I bled some. I came here when I needed answers. Or I needed to erase the questions. I learned I explored and climbed and fell. I ski’d and snowboarded and slept out here. In the summer months when the sun doesn’t set till early am I would come out here […]

And the Fire

Few places I feel as at home as sitting at a fire… Tweet

Graves on Beach



It never disappoints. I go back often and its the old familiar friend. But always showing me something new. Magical. Something about myself perhaps. I’ll always return. Tweet

Voices inside you

You’ve got this voice. This small quiet voice inside you. It gets louder the more you listen too it. It goes away if you don’t. But it never goes all the way away. Some people call this voice God, some call it instinct. Some call it madness. This voice is called all kinds of things. […]

Edge of the World

Are you willing to go far enough that you might not make it back? Down a long path that cant be reversed. Retread. Into the unknown unknown… Tweet


Sometimes you’ve got to reach onto the fire. Risk getting burned. Tweet

Find a Fire to Fuel Your Fight

Lets face it, if you want a life worth living your gonna have to fight for it. Your gonna have to bleed for it. Your gonna have to wake up every day and work your ass off for it. Otherwise its probably not worth having. So go find the fire to fuel your fight. Tweet

Keep your fire burning

Keep your fire burning. Keep it safe inside you. Protect it. Feed it. Nurture it. So that it can do the same for you. Keep you warm. Alive. Inspired. I respect hard work and talent. In that order. Your talent is worthless without the hard work and dedication required to forge it into actual skill. […]

Bering Sea Portraits // Captain Wild Bill


Bering Sea Portraits // Sabrina and Johnathan


Bering Sea Portraits // Captain Casey McManus


Bering Sea Portraits // Josh


Bering Sea Portraits // Jake