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Memoirs of an Alaskan – XII

Chapter 12 – Yeller Butt I was cooking dinner tonight and maybe it was the home cut french fries I was making that dragged out this memory. The smell. The taste. Something pulled this night out of the back of my mind and slammed it on the table in front of me. These times I […]

Sage Jonesy and the Lantern

That little fire. Inside you. Deep down in the core. Keeping you warm. Fueling your very soul. Keep feeding that fire. Don’t let it burn out. Don’t ever let it burn out. Tweet

And the Fire

Few places I feel as at home as sitting at a fire… Tweet


It never disappoints. I go back often and its the old familiar friend. But always showing me something new. Magical. Something about myself perhaps. I’ll always return. Tweet

Speed of Light

“Speed of light” or “The results (of last nights shenanigans)”. But as I stood shivering in the dark, waiting for a car, please any single fucking car, it got me thinking about time. And how it speeds up as you grow older. Because you have less and less to burn. I think about this a […]


Sometimes you’ve got to reach onto the fire. Risk getting burned. Tweet


A number of years ago I was hired to shoot a short film in Israel. It was quite the experience. Sophie was the only american actress involved and we’ve been friends ever since. She’s one of the good ones… Tweet


I think I’m getting over this fear of photographing other photographers. Check out his great work HERE Tweet


When a girl shows up for a shoot with not one but two machetes I think thats a good sign. I’d be happy to photograph Chanon any day of the week. Strong, fearless and yet very real. Tweet


Dani and I met Jamie over seven years ago when we cast her in a little project. The project ultimately fell apart but we’ve remained friends with Jamie. Shes a director, a writer and an actor with not only passion but real soul. Thats the first word I think of when I think of Jamie. […]


Malachi asked me to take his portrait. I was flattered and terrified as he’s a terrific photographer in his own right. In addition to having one of the all time coolest names he’s a warm, sincere and very real guy. These are the kinds of people I like to spend my time with. Take a […]


Niki has a rich, self effacing sense of humor. More people should be like that. Tweet


Chelsey is at once, both tough and vulnerable. Everyone is more than one thing if you care to look close enough. Tweet

Musings on a Creative Life

I hate being late and now we are. I’m sick to my stomach. Why didn’t we leave sooner? It’s my fault. I want to vomit. I hate being late so much. Fuck all this traffic into Downtown. Finally we arrive and┬ápark and head for the hotel and there is Megan waiting with the tickets and […]


So I sorta quietly updated the site. I feel in transition. The last few months have been very interesting. Travel. Introspection. Creative accolades. Professional frustration. Growth. Change is in the air. If you choose a creative life the road is long. And with many turns. My name is Ben. I’m a filmmaker and a Photographer. […]