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Keep your fire burning

Keep your fire burning. Keep it safe inside you. Protect it. Feed it. Nurture it. So that it can do the same for you. Keep you warm. Alive. Inspired. I respect hard work and talent. In that order. Your talent is worthless without the hard work and dedication required to forge it into actual skill. […]

Wishbones & Gunfire // Best Doc

I’m very proud to announce that ‘Wishbones & Gunfire’ has been named “Best Documentary” at the 2014 Socal Creative & Innovative Film Festival. This was a personal passion project and its just a huge honor. I’m proud of the professional work I do on shows like Deadliest Catch but its the personal work that fuels […]

Wild Horses I


Bone on Stone


Tree in Canyon




Sunset Behind Rock and Tree


Walk It Out


Along The Way


Dont Fence Me In II


These Wild Places

Ben Staley by Kevin Wong Tweet

Wishbones & Gunfire

Music has always been a primary source of inspiration. I saw what Bo & Rich were doing in the studio and very quickly decided I needed to explore it in my own way. Watch and listen with good speakers or headphones please. Hope you like it.   Directed | Shot | Edited by Ben Staley […]

Wishbones & Gunfire – Coming Soon: Part II

A few screenshots from “Wishbones & Gunfire”, a short form documentary I’m finishing up. Tweet

We Voice Sing I

I’m making a little movie. Think I’ll post a few stills in the coming weeks. Tweet

The Disco Bus Diaries

There are things you never expect to do. Or see. Or experience. Moments that catch you so of guard that you seem to project outside your body and watch the scene unfold from afar. These may not be big things. In fact the smaller and more mundane the better, the more surprising, more wonderful and […]