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Find a Fire to Fuel Your Fight

Lets face it, if you want a life worth living your gonna have to fight for it. Your gonna have to bleed for it. Your gonna have to wake up every day and work your ass off for it. Otherwise its probably not worth having. So go find the fire to fuel your fight. Tweet

Musings on a Creative Life

I hate being late and now we are. I’m sick to my stomach. Why didn’t we leave sooner? It’s my fault. I want to vomit. I hate being late so much. Fuck all this traffic into Downtown. Finally we arrive and┬ápark and head for the hotel and there is Megan waiting with the tickets and […]

Wishbones & Gunfire // Best Doc

I’m very proud to announce that ‘Wishbones & Gunfire’ has been named “Best Documentary” at the 2014 Socal Creative & Innovative Film Festival. This was a personal passion project and its just a huge honor. I’m proud of the professional work I do on shows like Deadliest Catch but its the personal work that fuels […]