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Sometimes you’ve got to reach onto the fire. Risk getting burned. Tweet

Musings on a Creative Life

I hate being late and now we are. I’m sick to my stomach. Why didn’t we leave sooner? It’s my fault. I want to vomit. I hate being late so much. Fuck all this traffic into Downtown. Finally we arrive and┬ápark and head for the hotel and there is Megan waiting with the tickets and […]

Wishbones & Gunfire // Best Doc

I’m very proud to announce that ‘Wishbones & Gunfire’ has been named “Best Documentary” at the 2014 Socal Creative & Innovative Film Festival. This was a personal passion project and its just a huge honor. I’m proud of the professional work I do on shows like Deadliest Catch but its the personal work that fuels […]

Wishbones & Gunfire – Coming Soon: Part II

A few screenshots from “Wishbones & Gunfire”, a short form documentary I’m finishing up. Tweet

2010 – “Reflections on the Journey” or “The Shape of Things to Come”

January came out of the gate strong and I was up for two jobs right away. 2 jobs that looked very very good. It was all dreams and possibility and then I lost them both in the same 30 minutes and it was confusing and frustrating and completely unfair. I drove home in the rain […]

McBride on Straightedge

McBride on Straightedge Directed by Ben Staley I really like this one. Especially the excellent original score from Bo Blount. Hope you do too. Tweet

Been kicking this around for a while. In my head that is. Finally got around to spitting it all out. Putting it down. Making it real. I think its about 95% done. I’ll be tweaking it for the next week or so. Taking suggestions. Letting it grow on me and figuring out what does and […]

McBride on Straightedge

Completed And coming soon… Tweet

The Finish Line. Or… Smile more.

Almost done with two projects I directed. Long gestating projects. Painful at times projects. Should be done in the next week. And it’s gonna feel very good. And then on to the next one. I am also working on a new website and I was going through a bunch of production photos (there are many) […]



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