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Wishbones & Gunfire // Best Doc

I’m very proud to announce that ‘Wishbones & Gunfire’ has been named “Best Documentary” at the 2014 Socal Creative & Innovative Film Festival. This was a personal passion project and its just a huge honor. I’m proud of the professional work I do on shows like Deadliest Catch but its the personal work that fuels […]



2010 – “Reflections on the Journey” or “The Shape of Things to Come”

January came out of the gate strong and I was up for two jobs right away. 2 jobs that looked very very good. It was all dreams and possibility and then I lost them both in the same 30 minutes and it was confusing and frustrating and completely unfair. I drove home in the rain […]

“Let Me In” Festival Update

Four new film festivals to announce for the music video, “Let Me In”. I was the Cinematographer for director Matt Schutt. You do so much work that just disappears out there. It feels good to see something that you and a lot of other talented people worked very hard on get an audience around the […]

More Festivals for “Let Me In”

The festival run for Let Me In continues. Below you will find a complete list of all the festivals so far. The cool thing is that it’s going to be in LA’s own Dances With Film Festival in June. This is cool because a feature I shot was in the festival last year. So this […]

Two Festivals

A few weeks back I posted about Let Me In, the music video I shot for director Matthew Shutt. Well, Matt submitted the video to a slew of festivals and darnitt all if a couple don’t already wanna show it. First up is the Fearless Film Festival in Fortworth Texas on April 8th to the […]

DNA Recordz

How strange that in two days I would have been affiliated with two items on RadioJavan. My friend Behnam Mokri publishes this online magazine every few months. I’ve shot over a dozen videos for Ben and I can easily say his talent and vision are extraordinary. He always knows what he wants and he demands […]

Boy|Man – Festival Update

This is cool. Boy|Man will be in two more festivals next month. And they’re good ones. Our little picture will screen twice in the 2009 Waterfront Film festival. This is actually one of the country’s top rated festivals and we didnt even submit to it. They invited us to participate. We’re very grateful. The festival […]

Corpse Run – Los Angeles Premier

This is kinda cool. Corpse Run will make it’s Los Angeles big screen debut at the Sunset 5 theater on June 5th, 2009 at 9:30PM as part of the Dances with Films Festival. In case your new here, “Corpse” is a little movie we made with some friends a few years ago. It’s written and […]


The last three days have been pretty busy. I’m still tired. Film festivals, shoots and videos to post. I’ll try and get to these things in the next few days. Not that anyone is waiting but only that I feel the need to report. I’m too beat to write right now. So I’ll just leave […]

A Couple Days

Yesterday BOY|MAN was accepted into 2 more festivals. That’s three this week. Pretty darn cool. Here’s what we know so far: International Family Film Festival – Hollywood – February 26th – March 1st, 2009 Women’s International Film Festival – Miami – February 27th – March 8th, 2009 Cleveland International Film Festival – Cleveland – March […]

BOY|MAN at the Womens International Film Festival

BOY|MAN continues it’s festival run at the Women’s International Film Festival. More information when it becomes available. Tweet

boy|man – SCV Film Festival Thoughts

We didn’t win. But we didn’t expect to. And cliche as it sounds we were very honored just to be included. This is the second festival boy|man has been in and although it was much smaller than even the one in Idaho, it was a far superior experience. Ramon, Jennifer and the rest of the […]

boy|man @ the 2009 SCV Film Festival

We’re excited to have Boy|Man as an official selection at the 2009 Santa Clarita Vally Film Festival. This year’s festival will highlight short films made to be enjoyed by all audiences. I’ll update with screening times and all that fun stuff as soon as I know. Tweet


I’m very proud of this little movie. I told Dani I think it’s the best movie I’ve ever been in and I really mean it. Danielle Jacobs, wrote, directed, shot & edited this flick and did a FINE job of it. And with a crew of two who had never made a movie before. She […]