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Memoirs of an Alaskan – XII

Chapter 12 – Yeller Butt I was cooking dinner tonight and maybe it was the home cut french fries I was making that dragged out this memory. The smell. The taste. Something pulled this night out of the back of my mind and slammed it on the table in front of me. These times I […]

Memoirs of an Alaskan – XI

Chapter 11 – Light and Memories People often ask, how’d you get into this particular line of work? Did you go to school? I say no. No, I wanted to make movies so I moved to California. Now I go back to Alaska to make television. And this statement is made for effect even if […]

Memoirs of an Alaskan – X

Chapter 10 – Bering Dreams Part 3   Snow covered ghosts of long dead volcanos dot the horizon. I remember driving south on the 101 early on a late October morning and exiting onto Sunset Blvd and driving up and down the strip until the traffic picked up and became too unbearable and then turning […]

A brief story about murder

In light of the Dateline NBC piece I have reposted this story. I think about the experience often and I believe it has changed me in perhaps subtle and still unfolding ways… I believe one of the most profound things you can do for someone else is to bear witness to their struggles. Their challenges. […]

Memoirs of an Alaskan – IX

Chapter 9 – Borders Once you pass Canadian customs heading west the landscape changes. As if these boundaries were chosen and drawn out and delineated long before the time of men. Long before time even existed. And I drive a few miles more and then pull over and taking my camera I walk to the […]

Memoirs of an Alaskan IIX

Chapter 8 – Through the Darkness You may spend a lifetime with someone. Countless events, experiences, adventures and challenges. When you think of this someone, or anyone for that matter, there are certain images, events, memories that bubble to the top first. Certain pictures in your mind, call it a mental thumbnail if you will, […]

Memoirs of an Alaskan VIII

Chapter Eight – Bering Dreams II The first rock of the plane silences the high spirited spanish language chatter of the cannery workers all around me. Laughing and joking and excited to finally be flying but I could only make out the occasional cussword. They pipe back up but lower tones now and sounding much […]

Tracking Boyd

Once I get off the freeway the fog is so thick I have to roll my window down to make sure I’m right of the line. And then a few miles down the winding country road I loose cell service and thus lose the gps on my iphone. Nothing to go by but my chickenscratch […]

On Pressure and Lessons

Three weeks of preparation followed by two intense days of shooting last week. A crew I had never worked with before. Well thats not entirely true, Aaron the sound guy is a buddy and I hired him specifically but he doesn’t really count because he’s such a pro and does his job so well he’s […]

If You Do This Kind of Work

I posted a video a few weeks ago about this incident. I was also asked to write about it and now the story has appeared online. There have been slight editorial changes to the story, mostly the addition of two sentences at the end and a random title I dont understand. Maybe an intern read the first […]

Lately X

It’s starting to rain but I walk anyway. Will probably be raining harder on the walk home. I dont care, it’s not far. As I get close I can hear the twang of George Strait through the faded red door and I go in and see only one other man sitting at the L shaped bar and […]

Capitol M

Tiny black birds everywhere. Flitting here and there, each on separate sorties but all of a collective mind. Always perched overhead. Watching. And dark clouds above them. Rolling and morphing, occasional sunlight breaching through to paint the dirty concrete or maybe an empty and boarded up store or restaurant. There are always strange figures in […]

On The Border

Behind me to the west the thunderstorm is drying out. I came through it two hours ago. Now there is wind between us and the sun is pale, reaching through the rain and then the dust and so diffused I can stare right into it. Mountains rise up on either side like the broken molars of some […]

Memoirs of an Alaskan – VI

If you have seen one then they are always more easy to identify in the future. And if you haven’t, you may still be able to spot one but the more subtle characteristics may be lost to you. Knowing or having known the man would certainly help distinguish a Zeke Tree from any other tree. […]

Memoirs of an Alaskan – V

I cannot speak publicly about most of my recent experiences. So instead I will tell you about the things I see, even now, when I close my eyes. Things I will probably always see.   Chapter Five – Bering Dreams The sodium vapor lights only reach into the night, 20 or 30 yards beyond the […]